Project Hilted – Royalty: Release Day!

Round 5: Royalty

For more about what Project Hilted is, how it works, and more, CLICK HERE for full information.

Project HILTED is a box that contains 5 exclusive original mesh items that fit the theme of the month. These products are only available in this box!  Some rounds may even include a guest designer.

  • This round has a guest designer:  Short Leash

Round 5 is now on sale for $600L, but only for today May 1st.  Starting tomorrow May 2nd, the price will be $700L.

If you pre-ordered for this round, you will get your box delivered today May 1st.

Teleport to HILTED Mainstore

As you can see in the ad above, there are 5 exclusive items to be had. 

Below is a bit closer look at each item individually.

4 of the items will be from Hilted and 1 from Short Leash.

Gold & Silver Your Highness Crown

One must never forget their most important accessory!  Complete with a jewel changing HUD, there is a crown fit for all, and for any occasion.


6 land impact.  All great Royalty need one.  Where else is it best to show off your Crown?  With 14 poses, you are sure to find your preferred way to rule.

Photo Frame

6 land impact.  What better way to show off your wealth, family’s history and overall superiority than with this gilded frame.  Visitors to your manor will be jealous indeed.  Just drag and drop your best shots into the frame for display.

Tea & Cookies

3 land impact total, tea is 2 cookies are 1.  As you preen from your throne over those lesser than you, one must remain a good host.  Tea and cookies are essential to make sure your guests can keep up.  One would not want to be thought a negligent ruler after all.

Royal Plush

2 land impact.  What kind of Royal would you be without your cute little companion?  Best not to find out.  Admit it, you wish he was real…I do!  LOL

To keep up with all things HILTED, join their group and check out their Flickr!




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