LOGO $499L Head Bundle & More!

Mae Head/HUD Bundle + HUD Deal

LOGO has their newest female bento head on sale at the latest round of Uber that just opened April 25th.  Uber will run through May 22nd so you have plenty time to swing by the event and grab it.

The Mae head (seen above) will be bundled with the LOGO HUDs (customization & animation) and only cost $499L at the event.  This is a fantastic deal as the HUDs alone are normally $1499L as a bundle, then each head is normally $2499L each.

HOWEVER the great deals do not stop there.  In the LOGO mainstore, the HUDs bundle is on sale for just $249L, down from $1499L.  This will last as long as the Mae head is on sale at Uber, so you have until May 22nd to grab this deal.  This means there is something for everyone.  🙂

For those who do not know, LOGO HUDs work with all of their heads, so you only need to buy the HUD pack one time.  When you buy the HUD pack on its own, it has both male and female versions in the same package, so there is no need to buy them separately.  You will get both the customization HUD and the animation HUD in the pack.  Only the heads are bought separately, which applies to both male and female heads. 

Here is the ad for the HUDs, so you can see the information about them.


Also be sure to check out their media to keep up to date and share your use of LOGO products.

Their YouTube is really nice if you want to see more on how the heads not only look, but function so take a look at that as well.

The store group is free to join and you not only get news, but nice group gifts, and a great community to help you with your the use of your LOGO products.  I am in this group and they are great for casual chat to specific help you find yourself needing.


  • Mae head bundle is $499L at Uber.
  • HUDs pack for $249L is at the mainstore.

Going to grab some goodies?   I thought so!   🙂


5 comments on “LOGO $499L Head Bundle & More!

  1. It says it has omega built in for the demo only and despite the instructions on the demo plate beside the head… I can’t get my omega face tattoos to work as tattoos or makeup. I really want to buy this head but i need to see my tattoos on it first.

      1. That’s what I tried as per the instruction plate next to the head, but I wonder if I’m doing it wrong or if it’s just not working in the demo version.

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