Witchwood Spring Hunt & 50% Off Sale!

The Hedge Witch Hunt & 50% Sale at Petite Mort & Oubliette!

April 13th - May 4th

THE SALE is at both Petite Mort and Oubliette.  All items, except gachas, are 50% off.  Note that the discount is a refund, so you pay full price then get your 50% refund back automatically.

THE HUNT has 6 items to find, 3 bunnies on the Oubliette side and 3 on the Petite Mort side.  Each bunny costs $10L each and has a prize item inside, so find all 6 and only spend $60L total.

This is the bunny you look for:

Above is the prize key so you can see which number is what item.  Below here is the starting point so you will see the key in world as well.  There is also a free basket for you at that start point so grab that before you go hunting!

Teleport to Witchwood

  • All items are mesh body compatible for:
  • Each item is $10L.
  • Please respect other peoples right to enjoy the hunt at their own pace, by NOT posting spoilers in group chat. You are more than welcome to do so privately of course, but many people do not like having the clues given away.

Make sure to join the in-world group and media, listed above, to stay in touch, get some great gifts, win some items, and share your spoils!


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