April Fool’s Treasure Hunt Is Now Underway!

April 1st - 14th

This is our first April Fool’s Treasure Hunt and it is a bit different than your average hunt. Each store has at least 2 prizes to find. To find those prizes, you must follow the clues to find where the prizes are!

We do encourage joining our in world group and/or our Discord server. If you get stuck during the hunt, this is a great way to help one another out.

BE CONSIDERATE of others and DO NOT just blurt out answers, but do feel free to ask for help and ask that someone direct message you.


Each store will have a starter clue that will eventually lead to 2 separate paths of clues OR it will have 2 starter clues, one for each path.

  • One will be a path of clues that lead to a prize and the other to a 2nd prize.
  • One of those prize paths leads to a Fool’s prize, while the other is a normal prize.
    • A Fool’s prize may be anything cute, fun or amusing, a joke, etc..

Each path may have anywhere from 2-10 clues each so each store may be very different than the next.  There are 3 types of clues you will run into:

  • Simple answer given when an object is clicked. This will display in the local chat for you.
  • Riddle. This will require your answer to be typed in local chat.
  • Multiple Choice. You will have to choose an answer from a menu of provided options.


Clues can be put into ANYTHING.  DO NOT think you will just look for more books. 


**Please note that we do not have children’s stores and there may be items not appropriate for child AVs, so please make sure you look at the online gallery before going to a store to start their hunt paths.**


Get your hunter kit, which is available at all the participating stores.  Just click the sign that looks like this:

1) Wear the SLS Treasure Hunt Book (wear me) that is in your kit, which is REQUIRED to take part in any of the hunts in stores. This book is scripted so do not forget to wear it!

2) Check out the GALLERY HERE to see what each store has to hunt for then teleport to your desired stores to get started.

3) To get your first clue, look for the Treasure Hunt book to get your first clue in that store. It looks like this:

4) Follow the clues to find each prize path. From there, follow each path to your final prizes! Remember you MUST wear your hunt book or you cannot access the clues and prizes!


Yes, that’s it, have fun 🙂   We really hope you enjoy yourselves as you work your way through the stores to your hidden treasures!


A few things to note:

  • Some stores may have extra mini prizes along the way.
  • If you get an extra prize, this does not mean you are done, as there may be more clues leading to another and/or bigger prize, so make sure you read what message or clue you get with that prize.
  • Final prizes will state they are a final prize, so as stated above, read what message you get when receiving your prize.


Annnddd GO!

~SLS Crew

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