What Next VIP Group Gifts & Perks!

What Next’s newest group gift is a cute set of heart shaped photo frames.  They have 5 color options, are just 1 land impact each, and you can put any of your own photos in them!

If you like these, then you had better take a look at the rest of the past gifts that are out for group members as well!

What Next is one of SL’s best Home & Garden stores.  With many different charming and cozy items, it has something for everyone.  Furniture, decor, garden goodies, and more can be found in store.

Group costs $250L to join, but you get the following benefits. 

  • 10% off each purchase at the mainstore
  • 50% off some new releases for the first 48 hours. (Does not include gift cards, gachas, sales, events or discounts.)
  • Lots of great gifts, including older ones already out!


**Make sure your group tag is on or you will miss out!**


Join the What Next group

Teleport to Mainstore

When you teleport in you will see this cute little room set up just for VIP group members.  As you can see it is full of all kinds of goodies.

Slap on that group tag and you can get all you see below!

Come join us, we have cake!  No seriously, we do, Winter made it!  You can get some in the VIP room 🙂


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