Birthday Hunt | A Town Called Short Leash

It is Short Leash’s first birthday and to celebrate they are hosting a L$10 hunt! There are 19 prizes in total and are from Short Leash, as well as their awesome friends Hilted and Little Things. Now, this is an adult hunt. So if that is not your thing you may want to stop reading now, but if kinky things are your style, you may want to keep reading.

Above are the prizes from Short Leash, as well as the cake which is a group gift. The group is free to join and there are other gifts available from previous month. Short Leash is an adult store with a huge focus on Pet Play and is really good at making their naughty items cute!

Next up is Hilted with this naughty set of fun. I really love the colour scheme on this. Hilted is another adult store but they do a little bit of everything. Again they are good at making their naughty things cute, rather than dark and seedy. Hilted also does a great range of other items though that are not just for kinksters. I have these really cute hamster pillows from them that are so cute and squishy.

And then we have Little Things with these amusing items. Little Things is a store that focuses more on the Little community, but again they also do many other thing that are not just for adult. As you can see this decor is pretty funny and is not going to make Grandma had a heart attack.

Teleport to: A Town Called Short Leash
Join Group: Short Leash
Join Discord: Short Leash
Hunt Runs: March 1st – March 16th 2019

For a full list of hunt clues, check the group notices once you join the group and you will get all the clues! All the hunt items are in the town square in the center, but there is also a lot more to explore on sim. So come a long and check it out.

♥ Alex

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