Fourth Wall Grand Opening Sale & More!

A new store grand opening complete with a sale? Check!

Great group gifts?  Check!

25% Off Sale Runs Through Next Weekend

Fourth Wall is a great place for those looking for that modern minimalist and/or industrial type feel.  There is a nice selection of furniture as well as home builds.

As they just opened up at their brand new location, there is a 25% off sale store wide through this next week!

Their new setup is a really nice visual contrast as the build itself has that industrial modern feel, but is set in a crisp and clean natural setting.  I could not resist snapping a quick shot to show you.

Teleport to Fourth Wall

There is a VIP group for the store, at just $75L to join.  You get discounts and gifts so it is more than worth the small fee you pay.

The newest group gift is the Wave Coffee Table shown below, but I took a shot of the rest of them as well.

Gifts include a skybox, another bench, and some pretty artwork so make sure to grab them while there!

Join the Fourth Wall VIP Group

Be sure to follow Fourth Wall on Flickr and join their group so you can share your goods from in world!


Now, get shopping!


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