.EscalateD. $2,500L Giveaway & Much More!

A big $2,500L giveaway, group gifts, lucky boards, and MORE! 

Make sure to read everything as there is a lot to be had!

Round Ends March 2nd

You read correct, $2,500L is to be given away!  Their Discord Bot will choose one random winner at the end of the contest.

The winner may use their prize at the mainstore and/or at events in world!

How do you get the chance to do this?  It is easy, but does require Discord.  There is a screenshot below as well so take a look.

Join the .EscalateD. Discord server.

  • Go to the room “giveaways-contests” and click the “tada” icon at the bottom of the bot message.  Look below to see where exactly to go.

As mentioned above, there is SO much more to be had! 

The .EscalateD. VIP group is $250L to join, but oh man the things you get are beyond worth it and then some! 

  • 5% discount on all purchases when wearing your group tag.
  • 10 Lucky Boards for group only
  • 3 Midnight Mania boards for group only
  • 14 Group gifts with 3 color packs of hair each.

Join the [.EscalateD.] group.

Teleport to the .EscalateD. Mainstore to get your goodies!

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