The World of Magic Is OPEN!

February 15th - March 3rd

**Event Closes at 5:00pm SL Time March 3rd**

Are you into Magic?  Do you like to Role-Play?  Do you just enjoy some of the finest items SL has to offer?  Then this is the event for you!

The World of Magic event is full of wonder, charm, and of course, all the best goodies one can handle!

Look no further for all your Magical goods.  Cauldrons? Candles?  Wands?  Treats?  Uniforms?  Scrolls?  Skyboxes?  Much much more?  CHECK!

There is more to this event than just shopping, it is an experience.  The build is so fun and whimsical that while you shop you will most likely find yourself stopping to take it all in.  If you are like me, you will want to sneak off to a corner and take some photos so you have memories of it all, and there are plenty of places to do so.

Below are some photos showing some of the build, but wanted to leave it so you can experience it all first hand yourself.  A lot of the fun comes from the experience of seeing each booth the first time.  I know I was excited when I first got there, and hope you will be as well.  Feel free to squee as loudly as you want, I know I did! 😀

Make sure to have your sound on and windlight set for the region in order to get the full effect. 

Check out the event Flickr and Facebook to stay up on news, and share photos!


There is a full list of Sponsors and participating stores below the photos.


Teleport to The World of Magic!

*Click on photos to enlarge.*

When you first get there…

First impressions are always important, and sometimes impressive.

Cute nooks like this are around, just have to look!

You may need to find just the right spot to touch…

Keep going and a whole world may open up for you!

Wonder where these stairs go…


Azoury – Candle and Cauldron – Canimal – Foxwood – Isil Designs – Merak – Modulus Mesh -Random Matter – Raindale – The Forge -Wasabi – Wicca’s Wardrobe



Arte – Amara Beauty – Avi-Glam – Balaclava – Bittersweet+Strange of Second Life – Pink Acid and Black Bantam – Comet – Complex – Contraption – Cubic Cherry –  Cubura Store – Dahlia – Disorderly – E Marie – E.V.E – Edyn – Elemental – Elm – Ersch – Florix – Ghoul – GIZ SEORN – Hangry – Hotdog – Insomnia Angel – Junk Food Store – Kopfkino by Lily Lovelace – Kraftwork – Krescendo – The Little Branch – lock&tuft – Loki – Love Store – Luas – Lybra –  Mirage.NA – NACH – Narcisse – NOCHE – Orange*Pekoe – Oxide – The Plastik – Sakura – Sari-Sari – Sempiternal – Serenity Style – Space Cadet – Storybook – Swank Originals – TeaBunny – Tentacio – The Bearded Guy – Una My Store –  UniCult – Vibing – Vinyl Apparel – Wednesday[+]



  MadPea Productions’s Spellbound & Noxturnal

Have a Magical time everyone!  Do be careful of anyone offering up free “shrooms” though, it’s a trick! LOL


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