Limited Time VDay Sales & Gifts!

Ama has a special Valentine’s flash sale!

From February 13th – 15th, there is a collection of romantic and kinky items set out for just $69L each.

When you land, find this cute little build and inside you will find all the goodies on sale!  🙂

Sweet Thing has a special Valentine’s Day 50% off sale on almost all items in store.  Event items and gachas are not part of the sale.

Sale runs from February 13th – 15th and ends at Noon SL time on the 15th.

You do need to pay the normal price and will be immediately refunded the 50% back.

Sn@tch has this Ariel hair in the reds pack out free for everyone!  NO group required.

This is only for a limited time so just teleport in then look for the lips gift box at the front desk in front of the hair section.

Move Animations Cologne has a free bento dance out for all to grab!  NO group required,

When you land, look for the display shown below.  To get the dance for free, just touch the Julia’s Free Bento Dance sign and it will auto deliver to you.

If you try to pay the actual dance stands, it is $1L and will NOT refund you.

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