XOXO Hunt 2019

Hey lovelies! So the XOXO Hunt for 2019 has begun, and boy is it a goody bunch of prizes. I actually did a run of this today already when I had some down time and I won 2 prizes!

XOXO is kind of a cross between a hunt and game. You look around the stores to find the Love Potion Bottle, and once you find it you need to try and charm it. Simply type XOXO in local chat to flirt with the potion, and if your charms work, you win the prize! If not, you can come back in 24 hours and try again.

Not getting the prize you want and too impatient to keep trying? Don’t worry! All stores have the item out for sale for just L$50 incase you can’t wait or are running out of time.

For More Info: Check Out The XOXO Website

♥ Alex

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