Exmachina Body Sale

Exmachina has a sale on the Davide body for just L$1,000. It is Omega powered, and compatible with many heads. If you are looking to upgrade to mesh or just looking for a cheap alternative then this maybe a good call. I personally do not own it, and if I hadn’t just got the Slink Male body I would probably grab this. The advantage for male bodies is the rigging isn’t too different, so you can often wear other sizes of clothing is people do not make for the Davide. Of course, demo it first and demo some clothing on it, but this seems like a great deal!

I am not sure how long the sale goes on for, I just saw this on Facebook and it says for a short time. So if you are interested you better go run just incase!

Teleport to: Exmachina

♥ Alex

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