ECLIPSE – January 2019

A unique and fun project brought to you by DRD, Contraption, CerberusXing and Hot Dog.


ECLIPSE is a small gathering of dark content creators and those creators that like to dabble in the darker side.

Each month twenty creators will present the best in dark content, ensuring October Never Dies and you darklings stay well fed and equipped to blacken the grid year round….

To stay informed, see items in the event, and share your own photos, be sure to follow the Eclipse Event Flickr and join the Eclipse Event Group Flickr!  You can also join the in world Eclipse Event Group.

Teleport HERE for the event.  If you cannot get in to that area, there is a cam shopping area HERE.

If you are a designer who would like to take part in Eclipse, click HERE to apply.

Pleasant Pleasurable Nightmares To All!  >:)

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