Naughty vs Nice Is HERE!

Have you been Naughty? Have you been Nice? Well, get shopping with Naughty vs Nice this Winter/Holiday season!


Grab a bag & go shopping!  Pay displays for prizes.

  • All displays have 10-20 Naughty & Nice items in them, plus a grand prize, for VIPs only.
  • Play for Free or go $100L VIP.
    • VIPs get access to extra prizes at each display & a HUD with TPs. 
    • Free gives a fun bag with display access, nothing else.
  • $25L or $50L per play.
  • You get a different prize with each play, NO REPEATS! 10 pulls = 10 different prizes.
  • Get all prizes, VIPs get the grand prize with their final play!

Check out the Naughty vs Nice page for more info & a full gallery!

How It Works

You need to get a VIP Kit or Free Kit then you may begin going to the stores listed below to play.

**We highly recommend you read the information below about this event before choosing a kit.  We DO NOT give refunds once one is purchased.**

We highly encourage joining our In-World Group and SLS Discord as well.


To get your kit, you may go to our HQ in world, or buy one off the marketplace.

If you have any issues and need a redelivery, we have a terminal at SLS HQ

**IMPORTANT – If you get a new kit after you have already used one, and played on any windows with it, you will lose all of your progress and have to start over, so be mindful of that.**

Below is a look at the vendor posters and redelivery terminal at our HQ.

  • You can buy kits at any participating store via the marketplace, just look for the posters. 
  • You do not need a rez area, as the kits will attach to unpack.
  • The redelivery terminal is at SLS HQ only.


The Free & VIP kits are different and this is NOT A FREE event overall, only one of the kits is free.  The rest is still a paying event.

THE FREE KIT only has a bag to wear.  This gives you access to play/pay the displays.  It looks like this:

**Make sure to wear this at all times while playing or you will not get your prizes and you will not be refunded!

You will need to look at the Naughty vs Nice page on the website to get slurls for teleporting around.


THE VIP KIT will give you access to play/pay the displays, extra prizes to win & give a HUD to TP you around.  It will look like this:

**Make sure to wear this at all times while playing or you will not get your prizes and you will not be refunded!

When you first attach the HUD, you will get a menu on your screen that asks for permission to teleport, you MUST say yes in order for the HUD to function for you.  The menu looks like this:

When you click on a logo to teleport, you will get a red message at the bottom of your HUD that tells you to double cilck to teleport. 


You wear your HUD then you can teleport around to each store listed and find the displays.  They will be dark when you first see them, but when you click one to turn it on to play, it will light up.  They will look like this:

If you lose track of whether you have played a display, or how many items you have purchased from a display, it will tell you in a chat how many you have.

Wearing your bag or HUD, just click a display and you will see something like this:

Now you just teleport and play for the prizes you want! 

If you have questions, please feel free to ask in the in world group or on Discord.

Have fun being Naughty & Nice 🙂


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