Violetility’s Halloween Maze

Just launched last night is Violetility’s Halloween maze.  Sammy and I have just run through this one, and it is fun, even if a wee bit of a ball ache 😛

Once you land at the store, head outside toward the trees and you will find a chalkboard with information, and a doorway which leads you to the maze of ultimate frustration… I mean doors, a maze of doors.  Once inside you need to grab yourself a flashlight and head on to each door and find the 3 prize pumpkins.  Yes, try every door.  Every.  Door.

Above is the prize preview, and the prizes are truly awesome!  It didn’t take us too long to complete, less than half an hour, but yeah.  It was somewhat frustrating.  However, it’s a cool idea and was a nice way to pass the time!  So I totally recommend popping down and checking it out.  Also, if you like this furniture, you will like some of the other items they have which match these nicely, so be sure to go into the store and check them out.  Furniture is on the left with Adult stuff upstairs!


Teleport to Violetility


♥ Alex

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