Arcanum Halloween Sale & Prizes!

October 24th - November 10th

The Arcanum sim has two events for you this Halloween season!


Hallowed Market

  • 20 designers
  • 25% off all items


Maze of Madness – **Please read all info before starting.**

  • Free to play.
  • Small hud/key based setup.  Just pick up your free kit, read the instructions, add your key/hud, and PLAY!
  • Interactive experience with challenges & checkpoints.
  • Mini prizes to find throughout the build.
  • Final prize room for those who complete all objectives.


We have much more information for you, including a booth gallery & which stores put prizes out for you to find & win!


For more information click HERE .

Teleport to the sim HERE to get started!


Happy shopping & gaming!

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