Witchwood Halloween Hunt & 50% Off Sale

Halloween has arrived at Witchwood in the form of a Trick or Treat hunt, as well as a 50% off sale at both Petite Mort  and Oubliette!

The 50% off sale and hunt will run October 13th-31st.

Be sure to grab your free pumpkin bucket before you start.  It is available at the hunt HUB. Click the pumpkin bucket to receive yours and attach!

Teleport to Witchwood

This is not your normal hunt.  There are 6 items to find and each item is $20L each.  Do not worry, there is a prize key so you can see exactly what you are getting.

*All items are mesh body compatible for:

Black cats have stolen all the candy corn! Locate 6 black cats and their candy to assemble the Pirate and Witch costumes.   So check for the furry terrors below for your prizes.

6 black cats are hidden around Witchwood and inside each store. When you locate a cat, click the candy corn they are sitting next to to receive your prize.

*Hint- Observe where pumpkins are placed and follow the trail. There are 4 cats hidden around Witchwood and 1 cat in either store (one for Petite Mort, one for Oubliette)

Remember to join the Petite Mort & Oubliette VIP group as well to stay up on all new releases and get access to some great group gifts and lucky boards.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out Witchwoods new hangout, Club Luna!  Sets every Saturday from 7pm-9pm SL time that range in style Such as :  Goth~Pagan~New Wave~Dark Wave~Electronic~Industrial and Special Theme Nights!

You can join the in world group for Club Luna Here and teleport Here to check it out.


Happy Hunting & Shopping!


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