DRD – The Reanimator Hunt

It is that time again!  DRD has their annual hunt event going on.  This year it is The Reanimator Hunt & runs from October 9th – October 31st!

*Info included below is from their in world notecard which you can get from group notice history.

“The Stein’s need your help! Collect their missing stuff and get to the final prize! If you see a Stein on the sim, ask them the secret question and get a special, unique item from each one.”

As usual you will get a HUD with a key of prizes to fill in as you find them around the rez areas, then collect the final prize in the end.  However there are some changes this year:

  • Hunt items will no longer be in one set location each, but on a rez system.  What this means is that you may find an item rezzed and click to get it.  If you do not have it, then you will claim that prize and the hunt item will de-rez from that spot and re-rez somewhere else.  If you already have that item, then you cannot claim it and it will remain for someone else to collect.  More info below.
  • There is also another collection of items to get this year.  The Stein’s have journals that you can collect, 11 in total.  How to get these is listed further down.




1. Wear your group tag and grab a HUD.

Be sure to join the DRD group in world if you are not in it already.  Once your tag is active, look in the store to find your start & finish points.  This is where you get your HUD (on the left) and your final prize (on the right).  Also check out the DRD Flickr !


2. Check the inside of the store and this path for the hunt item, seen below.


3. Click on a hunt item when you discover one and one of three things will occur.
    a. You find an item you do not have and it lights up on the HUD.
    b. You find an item you already have and it says, you have already found this..
    c. You find a dud and it does nothing.

4. Once you have a full HUD, go back to the start and click the Final Prize giver.



  • You must be close to the item to click it successfully.
  • If you find an item you did not have, you will claim it and the item will disappear and spawn somewhere else.
  • If you find an item you already have, you can tell people in group chat or on sim that you are standing near a good one. This will give someone else a chance to try it. (or you can just ignore it and let others fend for themselves like a bad inmate)
  • If you cant click an item try camming around it. There might be something between the item and your click



    1. When you see a Stein ask them this question: “Do you have any advice?”
    2. You must be on the sim with a Stein to get an item.



You will receive a unique journal from each family member but you must ask the question and you must be near them on the same sim.

Below is a prize key, as well as a list of them all below.



  • Dr. Brutal Stein
    Lobotomized, unable to speak coherently.


  • Dr Jaimy Stein
    Associate of Dr Finklestein in Halloween Town.
  • Dr Eowyn Stein
    Veterinarian specializing in unicorn reanimation.


  • Dr. Morbid Stein
    Biohacker. Specializes in cybernetics and medicinal formulations that change the biology of the human body.


  • Cora Elizabeth Stein (Charlotte Bailey)
    Ghost wife of a scientist, who is trying to bring her back using stolen bodies.
  • Dr. Ophelia Stein (Syn Wytchwood)
    Phd in Occult Sciences and Paranormal Phenomenon
  • Six Stein (Sixdigital Resident)
    The 6th reanimation experiment of Dr Stein
  • Madame Minerva Stein (Moon Watanabe)
    Local witch and psychic.
  • Driscoll Tempest Stein (Glitch Axelrad)
    Occultist, Medium, Paranormal fanatic.
  • Psy. D. Anna Stein (Mozartielle Resident)
    Psychiatrist, lone survivor of a strange fire in the asylum.
  • DaNA Stein (DanayaRed Resident)
    A new generation of the human species. Not yet complete.


Teleport to DRD


Happy Hunting!



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