The Itsy-Bitsy Spider…An Itsy Bitsy Cutie Spider avatar post!

So I usually don’t do random avs, especially furry avs. 
That’s not my niche but sometimes, one of them comes around and I literally squeal in delight and have to show it off. 
With this round of the Gacha Guild, Visual Magick did it with the Itsy Bitsy Cutie Spider avs.
I have to give a HUGE thank you to a certain other spider for shaking her fluffy butt with me!
♥ you Sky!

Let’s first talk about how you can get one of these cute fuzzy butt spiders. 
The Itsy Bitsy Cutie Spider is available in a gacha with 8 common colors, 8 uncommon colors, and 2 rare colors. The rares come with fuzzy butts, while the commons and uncommons,  do not. 
Each play is 175$L.
With each cutie spider you receive the full avatar in one color, Dev kit, action HUD, AO HUD, and my personal favorite accessory, a water droplet hat. Rare also come with glowsticks, glasses, two colors, and butt sparkles for their big fuzzy butts.
The Gacha Guild just opened and you’ve got an entire month to go play the machines.


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