Sn@tch Wednesday – September 12th

Yay, its time for more Sn@tch deals!  This week there are also new lucky board prizes.  There are 8 new prizes to be exact but for some reason SL won’t let me save 6 of the images.  Boo!  But yeah, there are new lucky board prizes for you guys if you run on down.

Weekly Special:  Larkin Outfit for $50L

New Riots: Mimi Corseted Mini Skirts, Milla Hair, Vega Velvet Gown

Twisted Inferno Hunt:  Lamia Hair & a 6 item bonus mini hunt!  Look for the Twisted cube as well as 6 little flames full of free prizes throughout the store!

That is everything for this week!

Teleport to Sn@tch

♥ Alex

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