Deals At Petite Mort & Oubliette!

There are new $50L items at both Petite Mort  and  Oubliette!

Petite Mort has cute Novelty Flannel Jammies in 3 patterns for just $50L each.

Oubliette has the Sheena Dress in 3 colors for just $50L each.

You would think that is it right?  WRONG!  Both stores have all new items on the lucky boards so 8 new things in total to stalk for!

Remember to join the Petite Mort & Oubliette VIP group, which is free, to get access to all the lucky boards, some great group gifts and stay up to date on everything happening at Witchwood!


Also, if you have not yet heard, check out Witchwoods new hangout, Club Luna!  Sets every Saturday from 7pm-9pm SL time that range in style Such as :  Goth~Pagan~New Wave~Dark Wave~Electronic~Industrial and Special Theme Nights!

You can join the in world group for Club Luna Here and teleport Here to check it out.


Happy Shopping & Remember To Get Your Groove On!


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