Femboy Hunt 11~Scene/Emo *prize preview*

                 The 11th Femboy Hunt is going on from 9/1-9/30!
          If you don’t know what a Femboy is, here is a short and simple definition:
                *Femboys are males who are more effeminate, sometimes in their mannerisms,                            physical body, or dress, often blurring the line between male and female.*

With this being said, there are other categories, etc but you can read more about that over here. It’ll be easier to read it there than to write up a whole new post about it, and the people who wrote it over there did such a great job!
A few things before we jump into the gifts for this hunt you should know. 

  1. The items provided here were designed for Femboys in mind, but, anyone can wear them if you have the right mesh bodies for them. 
  2. The hunt items are 2$L each and there are 28 stores in total. Pictures and hints are provided on their webpage, HERE
  3. The theme for this round is Emo/Scene. Keep that in mind when going hunting. 
  4. You are looking for a small, pink bottle with tiny black wings. 
  5. I’m not covering everything from the hunt. I’m only covering the things that I had the body for and my personal tastes.
  6. There are a lot of items made for Maitreya and V-tech bodies. I will list that on each picture description. 
  7. But most of all, this hunt will take you to adult themed sims and stores. PLEASE keep that in mind when hunting


Sunny gave us this black collar with an upside down cross on it. You get two versions with it, a rigged to Maitreya and an non rigged version.

The Hair is from EscalateD and offers 3 color HUDs, a flat chest, and a busty chest version. 

The drippy necklace is from Akuma Drops and is a non rigged necklace. 

The top, leggings, and bangles are from Ruetique. This outfit includes a mesh top for V-Tech, Slink hourglass Petite, and Slink Physique Petite. Leggings are on an Omega applier in one color and the bangles include a color change HUD with 10 colors per bangle. 

 Tam’s Trousseau’s item is the V-Tech rigged tank top and Maitreya rigged shorts. Also included is a color change HUD for both which includes 10 colors for each. 

The shoes, bracelet, knee-high socks, and necklace are the gift from Epicine. 
The socks and shoes are a single item and come with rigged versions for Maitreya, Physique, Venus, and Ocacin bodies. Also included are color change HUD for the shoes/socks (10 colors, scuffed/clean versions). Necklace includes re-size and rigged versions. 

This outfit includes a rigged to Maitreya/V-tech Top, Bolero, and bottoms. 
Also included is a HUD with 8 images for the back of the bolero. 

Dishpan Hands gift if the un-rigged bracelets and the Leave Me Alone top which is rigged for V-Tech. 
Songbird’s item is the Sad Boy top and is also rigged for V-Tech.

This outfit includes rigged skirt for Maitreya, rigged top for V-Tech, and an unrigged garter. 

The top from Glutz includes a fitted to V-tech version and a petite fitted torso kemono version. 
Stockings are from Sweet Evil and include 25 different colors on an Omega HUD. 
The stockings are very see-through.  

The collars are from AseRiz and include both the black and the pink versions. 

The skirt is NOT included in the hunt and is from Boom. 

Cubura has the Taki top as their gift and it includes rigged versions for V-Tech, [SIMPLE STUFF] Freya, [SIMPLE STUFF] Isis, Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni, and Signature Geralt.

The  xXKoolKatXx Shirt is the gift from Crooked Laugh and comes in a rigged version for V-Tech. 

The final gift for this round is the gift from Hilted. 
It’s the Femboy Hunt Plug Me toy. 
You can probably guess where this is supposed to go, BUTT, I thought it would look good as a hand prop instead.

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