Femboy Hunt Applications!

The Femboy Hunt is the first and only hunt in Second Life for femboy, androgynous, neutrois, non-binary and alternate gendered avatars. Creators from all over the grid offer flat chested items with no boob shading fit for V-Tech and Simple Stuff chest mods, footwear, jewelry and accessories, as well as clothing with bulges, and other clothing in a variety of styles.

The hunt items cost 2L each and hidden in small winged potion bottles dressed up to fit the theme. Each round has a different theme chosen by the hunters by poll on the website. Some past themes include: Cyberpunk, formal wear, Gothic, purity, science fiction and so many more!

We support everyone in our small but strong community, and want to help everyone find the stores, clubs, sims, etc who also support us. This way we can introduce you to the creators, designers and sims, who understand and support the unique needs we as femboys and other genderfluid persons have, and in turn support them.

The next round is in September of 2018, the theme chosen this round by popular vote is SCENE/EMO!


BLOGGER APP:  Click Here

To stay up to date on everything, make sure to join the Femboy Hunt & Events Group in world!

Be sure to check out the Website and Flickr here!


Enjoy 🙂

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