New Syndicate Treasure Hunt!

What Exactly Is It?

Syndicate Treasure Hunt is a permanent grid wide event that is set up as mini hunts throughout stores and sims all over Second Life.

We created this instead of the usual group gift idea as we thought it would be nice to have something with more substance to it, not to mention it would bring a lot of fun to everyone.

Designers and other participants will set up mini hunts in their stores and on sims and hunters will be able to teleport around and do mini hunts for prizes.

Also, it is all free, no cost to anyone to take part. 

Items and clues will be rotated out about every 90 days or so, however some may do it more often to keep it interesting for everyone.


How Does It Work?

Each location will have a starting point that gives the first clue for that locations hunt.  As a hunter, you will have to follow that first clue which will lead to a series of riddles you must answer correctly to get further clues, eventually leading to that final prize. 

It is entirely up to each participant how they set up their hunt, so each one will be unique.  There are limits however, such as each final prize will be found in 10 clues or less.  However, there may be some riddles along the way that give extra prizes on top of the final prize as well.

All participants will be listed on our website at all times, with updated locations and posters of their final prizes.  We even categorized them all so they are easy to search through.


How Do I Get Started?

To get your hunt kit, follow the steps below. 

We also have a video, which you can Click Here To Watch

+ Teleport to the Second Life Syndicate Headquarters in world.

+ Join the Second Life Syndicate in world group. You can click the given link to get the group, or you can click the SLS kiosk on the back wall, which has a group joiner option.

+ Once your group tag is active, click the Hunter Kit poster on the back wall behind the bar.  *Note that if you click the poster without a group tag, it will give you a group invite in local chat.

+ Attach the drink you get in the kit as this is required to take part in any of the mini hunts.

+ Check out the Treasure Hunt page on our website to find prizes and locations.

+ Teleport to your first location.  Find the drink bottle and click it for you first clue to that hunt.

+ Get your hunt on!


How Do I Set Up My Own Hunt?

If you have a store and/or sim and would like to set up your own mini hunt, you will need to contact us for further information on how to apply.  We do screen everyone so we can keep the quality in check for all involved.

Please contact Ylva Korhonen or Astara Lovecraft (astarabonnibelle).

Best way to contact us is on our Discord, though in world is ok as well.  If you contact us in world, please send a notecard, not just a message as they get lost.


Anything Else?

This is all brand new so please be patient as we get folks set up and posts made on the site.

Currently there is one unisex item already up to hunt for, which is at Second Life Syndicate Headquarters.  It is a good way to get an idea of how it all works as well so try it out! 

As we go, more people will get set up and we will keep the site updated so make sure you check back to our Treasure Hunt page often to see what is available. 

As items and hunt set ups change, we will make posts on the website to keep you all up to date.  There is a category specifically for the treasure hunt so you can always access those articles easily from the Categories widget on the sidebar.

Ok that should be it, however if anything is changed and/or updated, we will let you all know!


We hope you all have fun with this as we are excited to see how it grows over time and what directions everyone takes it.

Your SLS Crew

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