Something Extra | An Event For Femboys & Transgirl

So SL is full of events, many are the same as each other, and then you get something unique and different from everything else.  Something Extra is one of those events that are a little different.  The whole “Theme” as it were is based around Femboy and Transgirl fashion.  Now some of you SL Secrets readers may have seen some stuff about this place and I had to laugh when I read it.  Sammy and I came here early last week and we liked a lot of what we saw, we ended up buying quite a few things and found some really fun and creative stores we had never heard of before the event.

The event is not about throwing people into categories and assuming they are the same thing, no one said that lol, it’s about embracing a certain sense of fashion which is often enjoyed by the two sets of groups.  One of the main focuses of the items at the event are around the V-Tech chest mod for the Maitreya body which Zed, Akira, Sammy and I all have so an event like this was great!  I have had mine for around a month and not really found many clothes for it that I really liked, whereas when I went to this event I was screaming about how cute everything was and shouting “I want everything!”.  Really, I was.

The mix of styles from Kawaii dresses to shorts and boxers means there is a little something for everyone really who is looking for some new awesomeness for their chest mod, or who want some cute panties that show a little more then just a flat ken doll crotch if you know what I mean 😉

Something Extra Shopping Guide

Teleport to Something Extra

Honestly, I recommend coming and having a look.  Not everything is just for the V-tech mod, many items have Maitreya sizes, Kimono sizes etc and there is this awesome pair of sparkly crystal high heeled boots with sizes for some female bodies and male bodies.  So check it out!

♥ Astara

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