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Yes, more Crystal Anniversary goodness!  This time in the form of an exclusive gift just for premium members.  I don’t think many people realize just how many perks there are to being a Premium member in Second Life.  I must admit that even myself I don’t know them all or take advantage of them all.  So I am going to try and make more of an effort to seek out the perks and share them with your guys so we can learn more about them together.  I have been a Premium Member for a year now and this is the first time I have picked up a Premium gift because I just didn’t really know about them or where to find them.  So let’s find out more together!
So for the Crystals Anniversary of Second Life they have given us this lovely Crystal Fortress skybox.  Yes, a whole skybox!  It is quite on the primmy side though as it is 161 prims, however, it does look stunning.  Included is also a crystal table (3 prims) and chair (3 prims), as well as some crystal pedestals (2 prims each) in a few colours and a teleporter.  I know this will not be to everyone’s taste, however, I really actually like it.  I quite fancy doing a blog post with this and using it as my background because I like this kind of style and I love the colours.

When you rezz your skybox you own little crystal dragon companion will be summoned.  He is supposed to be like your guard dog,m but he doesn’t actually do anything he just kind of roams around the fortress and is 12 prims   Aswell as him there is a koi pond with fish inside and each of those are 2 prims.  So, all in all, it is quite primmy.  However, the footprint of the skybox is for a 1024sqm lot which has around 370 prims on it so you would still have plenty left to decorate with.

I quite like the little dragon.  I think he is really cute but I am that kind of person who really likes to have pets around both in Real Life and Second Life so of course, I am going to like this little guy!  If you are a Premium Member of Second Life you can grab this gift from any of the locations on the following webpage:

Link To Premium Gifts Webpage

I hope you have enjoyed this and I shall be bringing you more info on Premium Member perk very soon.  Thanks for reading.
♥ Astara

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