SL 15th Birthday Gifts & Free Mesh Avatars

Yeah, so I am a few days late to the party on this one, story of my life!  But as part of the birthday celebrations, Linden Labs is hosting a hunt type event that will run for the next 15 weeks.  Yes, 15 weeks.  Every Monday a new clue will be posted and will lead you to a new prize.  Collect all 14 weeks prizes and on week 15 you get an extra special prize.  I have no idea what it is but I am intrigued.

When you land at the hunt area click the board that looks like the one posted above.  It will give you the Swaginator HUD… I don’t know why it’s called that,  You need to have this hunt active to get the gifts and fill up the little slots each week so at week 15 you can claim your extra special gift.

Teleport to Hunt Start Location

Also at the landing point is 2 free mesh avatars.  They look kind of cool.  I personally like the clothing so I wouldn’t mind giving these a whirl.  I just picked them up a few minutes before starting this post so haven’t had a chance to try them yet.  I wanted to get this up and out before the hunts reset for week 2 tomorrow 😛

So I think that is about it?  Be sure to read the instructions in your Swaginator HUD folder to get the info on where to find the clues each week.  You guys know I like me some good free stuff and a good hunt, so this has me interested lol

♥ Astara


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