Pride Festival 2018

Hey little creeps ♥

️ I’m back and i wanted to give a shout out to an upcoming event: PRIDE FESTIVAL. (from June 27th to July 1st)

Now, unless you live in a cabin among the forest and goats, everyone knows this is Pride Month. A super neat team of people wants to give the chance to everyone to support LGBT rights and help out with the Italian Arcigay in a Fun-d Raising Event with a lot to offer.

I had the chance to interview Eva Artemesia – owner of THIS IS WRONG – that it’s also the creator of this amazing event where we’ll find different activities: Fashion Show, Art Gallery, a Love Mail Contest and some really cool Dj Sets for the entire duration of the event!
Their website contains all the informations you may need such as event program, sponsor list the manifesto and the explaination of what Arcigay is and how all the funds raised will be sent to It from Eva herself and she’ll be totally transparent on the transaction.


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