A Midsummer Night’s Dream 9!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 9 hunt is now underway from June 21st – July 21st.

This hunt is a little different as each item is $2L each.  There will be different paths that include female only, male/female/unisex and home & garden items.  All hints are at the kiosks in front of each store.  There are 75 stores this year, all broken up into paths of 18 stores or less.

When you click on an event poster in world, you will get a notecard of info and a HUD.  The HUD has the starting points to each path, as well as other helpful links, such as the website & Flickr that are linked below.  It will also show you a photo of the fairy you need to look for during the hunt.

More info here on the Kastle & Co. Events Website and you can also see some previews of items on their Flickr.  Be sure to join the Kastle & Co Treasure Hunters group in world if you want to share and receive help!

Click here for the Starting Point or click on a path below for a list of stores in that path along with their hints!

Pease Blossom Path – Female Only Items

Titania Path – Female Only Items

Cobweb Path – Male, Female & Unisex Items

Puck Path – Home & Garden Items

Oberon Path – Home & Garden Items


Happy Hunting Everyone!


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