DRD Go Fund Yourself Hunt

From June 8th – 30th DRD has a new hunt out for you to go try out!  Their Go Fund Yourself Hunt looks to be as challenging and rewarding as the others before it, which I am looking forward to so much!

Ok so teleport into DRD to get your HUD and get started!

Make sure to wear you DRD group tag in order to get the HUD.  Attach it and away you go, but be warned, they make their hunts rather difficult so expect to take a lot of time and not some quick in and out grab.  It is all so worth it though as you get 15 unique mesh items all in theme that will be found again after the hunt.

Here is what the HUD looks like once you get it attached.  You will see 15 black shapes which are all of the prizes you get as you go.  Once you find a prize, the box will fill itself in and once you get the first 14 all filled in, you can then go back to the start to claim the final 15th prize!  Also, if you crash or remove and start again later, the HUD should save your progress, but do know that if it glitches out, you will need to start over.  However, I have done several of these hunts and I can say I have not had any issues with that so far.


Ok here is a map they sent out to show you the path on which you will find all the prizes.  They say that the only building that has bags inside is the main store building, so the rest of the items are all found along the yellow marked path.


Happy hunting!

Until next time



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