Syndicate News!

Ok so we have a couple quick things for you.

First, Syndicate Sunday applications are still open for designers and bloggers for one more week, so you have until the 22nd to apply.  The June round runs the 3rd-5th and we have a great group of folks already signed up for you.  You can take a look HERE as we keep it updated as we go, and to find the actual applications, but I will put them below as well.

Second, we have a new in-world location to enjoy!  We are on the same sim, but moved to a different build which is better suited for what we are doing, not to mention it was a chance to go nuts with our whole Art Deco theme!  Huge shout out to Zed Lunacy for creating some amazing custom textures for the build so it is not only amazing, but completely unique!  Another big shout out to November Nighthearth for the new sim setup that is being done.  It it going to be so much fun all to enjoy!

As before, we do have a variety of games out for everyone to enjoy, as well as just a fun atmosphere to hang out and converse in so stop on by and check it all out!

Second Life Syndicate HQ


SS Designer Application

SS Blogger Application


That’s all for now!

Party on!


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