Spring into Sn@tch! Storewide Sale & New Specials

It’s time for another sale at Sn@tch, and this one is super exciting.  Everything is marked down to 50% off or less, with some fatpacks being as low as 50L and 25L.  I have not gone to the sale yet because the store is HUGE and it will take a while, so I wanted to get this post done first and then I will go to the sale.  So if you see me there feel free to say hi!

There is also a new weekly special which is this cute outfit for just 50L.

Plus 3 new riots to add to last weeks 3.  I really like the top on the Justine outfit and I like a couple of the prints on the skirt so I think I may grab that one xD

So, who is ready to go sale shopping?  As soon as I hit publish I am going on down to Sn@tch so see you there!

Teleport to Sn@tch

♥ Astara

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