Bulletin April 24th plus SS Designer List

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Ooh we have some exciting things coming up my lovelies!  The last couple of weeks we have done so much behind the scenes and you should be seeing changes very soon.  Along with these changes comes a new face to SLS, Zed Lunacy of Delirium +Lunacy+ has joined our ranks and we are so happy to have her on board 😀  

We have started planning some other types of events to host that should bring something new and exciting for you guys to enjoy.  Once we finalize how this is going to work we will post about it in one of these Bulletins so you can read what our plans are and give us feedback and suggestions.

Speaking of feedback and suggestions, Discord is a great way to share your ideas with us.  Our Discord is growing, and Ylva just added some Gacha related channels for you to advertise your gacha stores and organise trades.  These are not exclusive to any events or brands, just whatever gachas you have and/or want.

Syndicate Sunday Starts May 6th

Yep, our first event is almost here and we are so excited for it.  A lot of work has gone into getting this ready, and the day is almost here.  If you don’t know what Syndicate Sunday is:

This is a new sales event in Second Life.  Participating stores will have a new or recoloured item our for you to enjoy for the low price of 69L on the first Sunday of each month.  The event will run for 72 hours and some months will be themed.  May’s line up is here!

Circa Living | Home Decor & Furniture

Noctis | Gothic, Victorian & Steampunk Furniture & Decor

Sweet Meats | Female Clothing & Accessories

Q-Essential | Home Decor & Furniture

Stix | Female Skins, Makeup & Tattoos

Shame Me Designs | Poses

Psycho Barbie | Gothic Clothing & Accessories for Females

Beauty Of Darkness | Gothic Clothing & Tattoos

Dragon Magick Wares | Whimsical Homes & Decor

Candle & Cauldron | Spiritual & Occult Items

Delirium +Lunacy+ | Unique Home & Decor

Raven’s Gaze | Occult Furniture, Clothing & Decor

Dark Passions | Variety of nail appliers.

Deadly Nightshade | Magical Decor & Accessories

Astara | Female Clothing & Accessories


Have I said how excited we are?  We can’t wait for our first event to begin and to see what you guys think.  We really hope you enjoy it and that the designers participating have fun!  Plus, who doesn’t love a good bargain, am I right? 😛

♥ Astara

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