This Weeks Newness At Sn@tch

Another Wednesday, and another bunch of new fun at Sn@tch!  Let’s start with the weekly special shall we?  These stockings are really nice and good staple to have.  Most of the lingerie and socks I have are from Sn@tch.

We then have 3 new riots.  I love a good riot vendor and you don’t see them much these days, but luckily Sn@tch adds new ones every week.  Added this week are these 3 as well as last weeks 3 still being up for grabs.  They tend to go as low as 45L – 60L.

It’s also time for a new fishing outfit.  This one is a grab bag and these are usually a bunch of fun.  Last time we got a mix of punk pants, printed crop tops, and latex suits and a bunch of other items I can’t remember.  So something for everyone usually.

So that is it for this week, hope you see something you like 😀

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♥ Astara


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