Redeux is Open! April 14th – 21st

So I don’t post events here often, but today I have to share this one because I think it may just be my favourite.  Redeux is a fantasy and roleplay themed event that happens once every 2 months for just a week.  I always look forward to it, and the fact that it only happens bi-monthly makes me look forward to it more because it’s not just an event that is on all the time.  In fact all my favourite events are things I look forward to because there is such a long period in between that I actually get a build up of excitement.

Teleport to Redeux

Redeux is hosted by the teams behind 25L Tuesday, 30L Saturday and 35L Sunday, and because the event runs all week stores have items out for these daily sales all week long!  Aswell as that there are 50L specials, Exclusives that are 25% off for the event, and almost everything else is 50%.  There are so many fantastic bargains to be had.  Put it this way, on an average round I spend about 800L and come away with 20-25 items.  Not only that, but if you join the group (which is free) then you can pick up the gifts that are set out by every vendor!  Yes, every vendor.

There is usually something for everyone including fantasy skins, RP furniture, clothing, makeup, poses and once I even got a whole avatar for 35L which was a tiny pink chipmunk.  So jump on down and check it out 😀

♥ Astara

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