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Yeah so I am a few days late with this one, oops!  I lost track of the days.  Anyhoo this week we told you about the Oubliette & Petite Mort Hunt, as well as the Ironwood Hills Paranoia event/hunt. Since posting these articles Ylva and I have done both of them and wanted to let you guys know they are so worth it!

The Oubliette & Petite Mort hunt has some super cute boho items as well as some casual goth clothing and we love them all.  I personally love the parasol and the moon child shirt.  I have a thing for umbrellas 😛  Ylva loves the Hippie/Boho Skirt.

The Ironwood Hills one was one hell of a lot of fun.  We did it together (mainly because I got stuck) and we really enjoyed it.  It was quite the experience and something very unique and different to do in SL.  The story for this one leads on front the Halloween event they did, so its the next part of the story but if you didn’t do the Halloween one then don’t worry, you can still follow.  The prizes are very varied from home & decor, unisex accessories, poses, and even a mens hoodie.  So there is something for everyone!  I love all the necklaces and can see me using these items a lot.  

A Challenge Has Been Set!

For too long has Ylva been the Queen on this damn Bubble Pop game and I just cannot beat her!  I issue a challenge to you SLS Citizen to beat her for the top spot on the leader board.  Hope on down to the SLS HQ and have a shot!

Honestly I am just sick of trying to beat her, so please someone else try xD

Signs Ups Open & Volunteers Needed

Our first event, Syndicate Sunday will soon be upon us and signs up are still open for Designers and Bloggers.  So be sure to check out the links below if interested, or feel free to message Ylva or I for more information.  Ylva handles the Designers side of thing and I handle the bloggers.  There is a contact us page in the top bar of the website for how to contact us.

Designer Form

Blogger Form

We are also still looking for volunteers to help with SLS.  This includeds writers, explorers, event helpers and game hosts!  Check out the form below for more information.

Volunteer Form



Things are moving along 😀  We have both had a rough week but oh well lol.  How is excited for Syndicate Sunday?  We both are!  We have had a few stores sign up and I think you guys are going to love it!  I am super excited to to see what these awesome designers put out for us all 😀

♥ Astara

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