Oubliette and Petit Mort Spring Hunt

It’s time for another hunt at Petite Mort & Oubliette and ooh, guys this one is just beautiful!  From time to time the lovely owner of both these stores does a 10L hunt around the stores.  Last time was for a gorgeous furniture set which I fell in love with.  This time we clothing in two different styles to reflect both the stores.

I cannot begin to tell you how stunning these prizes are.  I did the hunt this morning and unpacked everything and was just in awe.  I honestly couldn’t decide which was my favourite item!  I loved everything so much I blogged one of the dresses on my personal blog.

There are 12 items, so it will cost you 120L to complete, but so worth it!  I mean, you would pay more than that for 1 dress anyways.  There are also 2 extra gifts that are free to VIP group members which is currently free to join.

Teleport to Petite Mort & Oubliette

Check out My Blog Post.  Yay Shameless Plug 😛

Now go, go I say!  Side Note:  The sim is beautiful and a delight to look around.

Happy Hunting!

♥ Astara

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