MODA Easter Egg Hunt 2018

It really is hunt season, huh?  This one is a store hunt from MODA, one of my personal favourite shoe stores.  Because it is Easter, you are running around the MODA sim looking for colourful eggs and grabbing them for 0L.  Now, MODA is primarily a women’s shoe store, however, there are unisex items in this hunt!  And let me tell you, they are quite funny, so this one is not just for girls.  So, there is shoes and dresses for female bodies, but about half of the prizes are unisex.

Now there is also the added bonus of 2 golden eggs just for MODA VIP Members.  These eggs are totally worth it, and if you aren’t a member yet, why?  The group is 500L to join, which I know for some people is a lot of money, however, right now there is 1500L of gift cards in the Group Gifts.  So it may seem a lot of money to join a group, however, the gifts are totally worth it.  This is not to mention the fatpacks of shoes, and the goodies inside these golden eggs.

So now that I have done fangirling:  Happy Hunting!

♥ Astara

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