Bulletin March 30th 2018

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So, what have we been upto around SLS the last week?  Or is it 2 weeks D:  
I should also specify by we I mean Ylva, because I haven’t been around much.  Anyhoo… Ylva has been pumping out posts to keep you guys informed of some awesome finds in SL.  We love to find cool new places, stores and bargains so she has been having a lot of fun finding these things for you.  We have always been working a lot together behind the scenes on some upcoming projects, one of which I will tell you about in the next section because it is coming to fruition very soon.  We have also worked out a kind of posting schedule, basically to help us keep posts varied.

We are still looking for volunteers to help us, especially some writers who wouldn’t mind posting something cool they have found weekly.  If you are interested in joining us and helping to bring some fun back into SL then you can find the Volunteers form in the next section.

Our First Event

We are happy to announce our first event is soon to begin!  Syndicate Sundays is a new sales event happening once a month on the first Sunday for just 72 hours.  Designers will create a new or special recolour of an item for you and it will be set out at 69L during the 72 hours.  Each store participating will have their item out at their Mainstore.  

Designer and Blogger aps are open!  So if you would like to sign up then then links are below.  We are also still looking for volunteers, someone to help out with this event would be really cool.  If you are interested in helping us then that form is below as well.

Designer Form

Blogger Form

Volunteer Form

The first round isn’t until the 6th of May, so there is some time yet!


Things are coming along, slowly, but currently it is just Ylva and I working on things.  We could really use the help of some fun loving people to help us out and keep things varied with different perspectives and styles.  SL is a fun and exciting place and we want to try and showcase more of it instead of just being focused on Shopping and Fashion.  So if you like to explore and want to share your finds, fill in the application above.

♥ Astara

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