The Golden Years Are Upon Us!

“HELP!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up to get my Ensure!”

Don’t worry, the Golden Years have you covered!  Anything your ripe ole aged self needs, they have.  A new collaboration of some amazing creators, this much needed bit of retirement bliss was just what the SL Geriatric Doc ordered.

Get your shop on at Golden Years and join the Golden Years Flickr

Need to get a ‘new’ skin?  Some times we just need MORE wrinkles right? Right.  Don’t fret over your body either, just stop in and pick up a new free one while you can (currently gals only, sorry fellas).  One never knows when the price will go up and if your retirement check will cover it, you know?

Also, don’t forget to stop at the salon and get that hair done!  Curls?  Check!  Granny updo? Check!

Pick up your sun visor, or hat depending on your mood (or hair if we are honest), then nab a fanny pack and shove your lint roller & spare glasses in it and you are good for a trip!

Oh we don’t expect your old butts to walk anywhere, so pick out your favorite color scooter (it comes in 6 choices) and hop on!  Adventure waits for no one, not even the old and/or gimpy.

OH!  Before you go, make sure your Life Alert System is up & running.  We can’t have you crash or fall and be stuck on your own.  I mean you may die in the bushes and no one will see, then what happens?  You are found weeks later by some random person and all your belongings are gone and you end up a cold case.  Not to mention those freshly done curls have gone to waste.  So grab it, test it and if you see someones ear bleed, you know its working.

Take a look below at some of the amazing items you can find at the in world shop.

Stay tuned as more is to come, including a line for our fine Elderly Gentemen.

Until next time

Party on….and don’t break a hip!


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