Great Offers on Rental Stalls by Zombie Suicide & Friends

It can hard to get a start for your business in SL.  Rentals can be costly, event fee’s can be ludicrous and hunts can be hard to get into if you are new.  So offers like this one are a God send to new stores!

Isis Zamin of Zombie Suicide has opened up 24 small stalls around the Lanisha Sim for people to rent for their stores.  The stalls are around the center with amazing stores who reside in the sim around the stall area. These stores include Zombie Suicide, The Little Bat and Drastic.

So what is so amazing about these stalls?  Well, you pay a one time fee of 250L, set up your stall with the 10 prims you are allocated, and then your items you want to sell you use a split script (which can be supplied if you do not have one).  So the only fee’s you are paying are the 250L to get your stall, then any sales you make you keep 70% and Isis gets 30%. It is really a fantastic offer and a great way to help get your brand out there.  The sim has already has great traffic, but that is going to continue to grow as the ladies in charge of the stores are planning to hold activities on the sim which will bring in even more traffic. For example in April they are hosting a Rotten Egg Hunt on sim!

This is a first come, first serve basis and quite a few stalls have already been taken, so if you are interested then jump on down to one of their stores and check it out.  

♥ Astara

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