Bulletin March 19 2018

Latest Updates

So whats new around SLS?  Well Ylva has been working her charm and recruiting Designers.  But Astara, what do you need Designers for?  Well I am glad you asked!  Since we have been wanting to bring some fun back into SL like activities and cool places, we decided to work on some of our own projects.  This will include Mainstore sales, hunts and fairs.  If you are interested in joining us then contact either one of us for information. *points to Contact Us tab above*

We Need You!

We are looking for chatty and dedicated people to join our ranks and help out with SLS.  We have a few positions open ranging from writing all the way to just exploring SL and telling us of your finds.  If you are interest in finding out more then look at the application form and see the descriptions for each position.

SLS Volunteers Form

Newly Added Finds

Dragon Magick Wares | Has a free skybox for avi’s 30 days and under, aswell as group gifts which is free to join.

Dysfuntionality | Home & Decor items, free lucky chair aswell as Group Only lucky chairs.  Also has group gifts, 95L join fee.

CIRCA | Home & Decor – Group Gifts, 500L Join Fee.


Astara has been lazy this past week and Ylva has been very busy!  That is the conclusion to this week 😛  However we have been talking alot and we are always planning and discussing things… aswell as gossiping 😛 

If you have any ideas of things we should add then of course let us know!  Discord is a great resource for sharing your finds and ideas with us.  So join up if you haven’t already!

Thanks for reading, my lovelies.

♥ Astara

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