$50L Marketplace Sale!

If you are a fan of Victorian, Gothic Victorian, Steampunk, etc. then you may want to check out Pixel Box!

Pixel Box is having a sale on the Marketplace from March 16th – April 2nd.  This is ONLY for the Marketplace, not in world, however in world items are usually $75L-$100L as well so never that spendy and always worth a look.

There are plenty of clothes for both Male and Female AVs, not to mention all the accessories you can find (these are my favorite, gah so fun).  Now not all the clothing is straight up body compatible, however a lot of it is.  It is all mesh and all done up really fun and stylish.

The store group is free to join and gives you access to any gifts that are set out as well as 10% off the marked vendors.

Pixel Box Marketplace

Pixel Box Main Store

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