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The SLS family is always on the lookout for sponsors.  We just got a new page up for the current ones we have, which you can see here  SLS Sponsors .

We have been asked what all is involved and required to become a sponsor of SLS so I decided to put information below about our goals as well as some basics.

What we are hoping to do is get a great group of Creators, Bloggers & Vloggers, etc. all joined together to bring a bit of fun and adventure back to SL.  We do not want to do huge events, but rather help stores get people back in them to shop and be part of.   This means having activities, small scale events, hunts and more but use actual store and sim locations instead of one general event area.  The typical large one stop shop events and usual go and grab hunts get old and overdone so we want to create something unique in that area as well.  Not only will this get people back into the stores, but it gives us a lot of freedom to have fun and create new and unique experience.

Basic requirements and perks of SLS Sponsors:

  • Requires joining the Second Life Syndicate Affairs group which takes up one spot. This is by invite only so is locked to the SLS Admin and any Creators, bloggers, etc.
  • Must have the SLS kiosk up in their shop (only 1 LI)
  • Have at least one free item out in your store and/or on sim.
    • We encourage the use of a puzzle box or something similar so it is not just a simple freebie, but something they must earn.
    • Changed at least every 6 months and must be of quality.
    • Preferably unisex, however we know this is often not possible due to the nature of stores, so we will do our best to have a variety of stores to cover all types.
    • We will need a photo/ad of any items so we may display them at our HQ with a landmark to that store location.
  • Get priority for any hosted events, hunts, activities, etc. put on by SLS. (Any creator may apply to these, hence the priority.)
  • Take part in some of our events. No one is required to do them all, but at least one.
  • No fees for any events ever if it can be helped.


For any further information, it is best to contact Ylva Korhonen or Astara Lovecraft (astarabonnibelle) in world.


Until next time.

Party on!


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