Naria Panthar’s 1K Subscribers Giveaway

Yep yep, this is the second time I have written about Naria within a few weeks, Fan Girl much?  *Click for other article about Naria* But as I said last time all of us here at SLS love her, so I thought I would share her massive giveaway with you guys, because if you didn’t subscribe to her last time I wrote about her (shame on you) then go do it now.  Go, go now, I will wait…

Anyways, Naria has managed to reach 1K subs on Youtube which is a huge milestone, especially in such a niche genre.  Be sure to watch her video about the giveaway, because that is going to help you enter, so watch it all, and then follow the instructions.

Good luck to everyone, and congratulations to Naria, here’s to 2K, you deserve it ♥

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