Weekly Bulletin March 05 2018

This Weeks Updates

This week HQ has expanded.  Ylva just couldn’t wait so went and bought more games for everyone to enjoy.  We still need to plan the game nights, but just so much has been going on behind the scenes with SLS, as well as me being lazy this week that it just has not been organised yet 😛

The HQ is always open for you to use at any time though, so feel free to come on down and play with the games, some are single player so even if you are on your own there is something to do.

We also have a freebie, a lucky chair, and a puzzle box for the Artifact Hunt out at HQ.  So you can always play those and grab the freebie too!

New Tabs & Sections

An Art tab has now been added to sections.  We plan to fill this up with Art Installations, Art Museum etc.  This was one of our big projects this week, you may of seen Ylva already posting an Article highlighting some of this newness.  We want to be able to share more exciting things to do in SL that isn’t just shopping and events.  I have some plans to share with you guys sometime in the next few days.

Newly Added Finds

Amacci | Female shoes – Gifts – Group required, free to join.

Beauty Of Darkness | Female clothing and makeup – Midnight Mania and Lucky Chairs are free to play.  Group Gifts with a free to join Group.  VIP Gifts and upto 75% off discounts with the VIP Group, 300L Join Fee.

Luas | Female Clothing & Accessories – Free Gifts with Group, Free to join.

TeaBunny | Furniture and Home Decor – VIP Group Gifts, 50L Join Free.

MODA | Shoes & Clothing for Male & Female – Midnight Mania & Lucky Chairs are free to play.  VIP Group costs 500L However has Fatpacks of shoes and 1500L in Store Credit available to you.


In conclusion we have added some exciting stuff this week.  We hope to keep things going and adding new things all the time.  Discord is a great way to chat with other SLS’ers and the best line of communication for giving us suggestions.

Hope you are all enjoying what we are doing here, and I hope to see you are our game nights starting very soon!

♥ Astara

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