Ok so maybe I might have went just a teensy bit overboard with the in-world SLS HQ .  Ok more than a bit, but it was worth it!  It is filled up with all kinds of shit for you all to enjoy.

We have the information areas set up of course so you can find some good groups, locations, activities, gifts, and sponsors.  Do bare with me as these are tiny right now but will grow with time.  There is however our first SLS group gift up for grabs so make sure you hop in group and grab that!  You can get an invite from our group SLS kiosk near the landing point.  Know what else you can find there?  The rules.  They are short and simple, but please do read them real fast.

Oh yes, FUNS!  So it all started with some neat table top/board games.  Astara and I had versions of Connect Four and Mahjong then it was like why stop there?  So we then got a Pictionary style board and made a lounge.  This is where I got ridiculous.  I found some stuff I REALLY wanted and while I was going to wait until we grew a bit, I just said screw it and went all out.

In house we now have the table top/board games like Chess, Checkers, Mahjong, and more.  The bigger stuff includes a CAH table, Pictionary, Pool, Air Hockey, Darts, and Beer Pong!  Yes Beer Pong.  Had to.  It’s done, and so are vending machines because we all need good snacks while we game right?  Right.  Oh duh, we have areas to chill too.  I mean what fun is gaming if you can’t chill.

In case anyone needs some help with the games, you can pick up some helpful notecards I stuffed into a few signs around the place so keep your eyes open for those.  While you do that, keep a lookout for our rad lucky chair which gives our winners some fun (ok rather ridiculous and funny) stuff and info on a unique grid hunt that I highly recommend to anyone out there.  I did a post on that hunt HERE.

Onward to the games again.  I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the stores I picked up some of these things at.  Why?  Well I spent some time looking all over grid and while I found lots, these were some of my favorites and I felt they deserved some recognition.

First we have The Black Forest/WarBug where we got all the little games and get this, only $10L each!  Seriously they are very well made and low land impact and everything.  I had been looking around and had found some of the same items for $300-600L so this was just a mind blower.  The Pictionary board is also from here and only $250L and we love it (thanks again to our Feline Faery for that donation).

On to Gilman Games which is where I got Pool, Air Hockey, and Darts.  These are all so fun.  They have so many options including texture change so you can customize the look of each one you rez out and since they are all copy, you can have as many out as you like.  I found way too many spendy games out there that are no copy and frankly just fuck that, these were the way to go and honestly just better all around.  There are multiple different player options and game modes for each so there are many ways to play each game.  Overall I highly recommend this place to those looking.

That is all for now but hope to see you all in world soon and stay tuned for our Grand Opening that will be in the near future!


Until next time.

Party on!




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