Twisted Hunt & More March Madness!

The 10th annual Twisted Spring hunt is under way and this years theme is Atlantis!  I cannot believe it has been 10 years, like holy shit.  I joined SL in 2007 and Twisted was one of the first things I ever got into and I did it as often as I could for years.  It has not only stood the test of time all these years, but has become so much more than the original hunt.  A huge tight knit community of diverse people whom support and have fun all while producing some of the grids most unique hunts and sale events.  How often do you get to say that of one community in the same sentence?

Ok so Twisted runs the entire month of March and has 82 stores plus an end game area so it is best to check out the Twisted Website to keep up with any news as well as the Twisted Hunt Facebook Group where some people are posting photos of hunt prizes.

Make sure you pay close attention as there may not only be decoy boxes at some stores (ok many hehe), but extras such as a side mini hunt or special sales for group members, etc..  You do not want to miss out on anything do you?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

The hunt starts HERE!!


There are a few other events going on during March you should definitely be aware of.  One of them starts today and the rest are later in the month.

First off, the Steam XIII hunt is now underway and runs all month long!  For all of you Steampunk fans, this is a must have.  There are 71 stops on this trip so best to check out their Website and see where all you need to go and a lot of the prizes you will find!

This hunt starts HERE!!


The other events will start later in the month so look for Ostara’s Altar starting March 16th and The Darkness Chamber starting March 17th.  Ostara’s Altar, like all Dark Passion Events, will have a mini $5L hunt going on at the event as well.  We will do our best to bring you more information on both events when the time comes.


Until next time

Party on!


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