Femboy Hunt!

So this is something I had no idea existed but am glad it does as I know there are folks out there looking for items like this.  A lot of stuff is compatible with V-Tech so yay for that!  It will run all through the month of March so you have plenty of time to get it done.  There are not a ton of stops, but plenty to keep you busy a while so best to get to it!

Beginning HERE you get your HUD and wear it. From there you can click on it to teleport around.  You need to find a certain little bottle to click for your prize.  There is a picture of this bottle on the HUD itself so check that out.  There is a hint at each location too so look for that before you get to searching.

For more info, including some items from the hunt, I will defer to another whom has already made a great post.  Be sure to check out the link below and make sure to bookmark it because they are going to be bringing you more and more for V-Tech!

F4FVT – Femboy Hunt 10


Until next time

Party on!



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