I Like This Place…and…I Like This Place…

For those of you whom have been lucky enough to come across work by Bryn Oh, make sure you stop by and see the current exhibits.  For the rest of you, it is time to get your first look.  Bryn Oh is an SL artist whom creates some of the most innovative and beautiful art installations in all of SL.  From fully immersive narratives to small scenes with poetry, there is always something to be experienced by all.

Currently there are multiple small scenes out with poetry and videos to go along with.  As you teleport in, make sure you have your windlight set to region and sounds on so you get the full effect as they are both every bit a part of the art itself.  While you explore the scenes make sure to pay attention to detail as each area has something to offer, whether you can sit in different poses within the exhibit or click to watch videos that go with that scene (full on Machinima).  Another thing to note is to always look closely with any of Bryn’s work as you are bound to find hidden areas (yes this is a hint).

Teleport to Bryn Oh’s Art  | The sim is Moderate and has no rez rights, but they are not needed as the content itself is the focus.  For any whom want to take photos there, do as mentioned above and make sure to explore fully as there are multiple opportunities to pose within the work that is there.  Before you leave, be sure to take a look at the in world store where you can buy a variety of work displayed there.

To watch their collection of Machinima, go to their YouTube and for more information, visit their Website.

Another beautiful sim I have recently discovered is Cammino e Vivo Capovolto by Mistero Hifeng. A mix of original work with other SL content, this is truly a place to go and explore, alone or with a partner. 

The sim is Moderate and has no rez rights but again, they are not needed.  Explore and experience this sim, take photos if you like, but just enjoy.  I do recommend being on region windlight settings as it sets the atmosphere well.

You will see a lot of his work throughout and can purchase it at his In World StoreThere is also a teleporter on ground to take you to the store, and one back so it is easy to get around.

To keep up with his work on media, check out Flickr & Facebook.

There are other great places to see that are located under our Locations page under the Art tab.  We will be adding to that over time so keep an eye out for more soon!


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